Klaus 4 Pack


Ginger, Lime and Rice Vinegar with THC infusion.
< 1mg CBD / 5mg THC per can.

CA16 calories per can
Less than 1g of sugar (0.6g) per can.

Klaus cannabis-infused beverages

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Dosing / Nutrition / Ingredients


Onset in 5 to 15 minutes. Elevated. A gentle rise in euphoria followed by a subtle smile, candid appreciation and, bemusement.

How to Use

Firstly, we recommend not consuming with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Starting with a full stomach is a good idea. Go easy. As with all THC products, it is a good idea to start slow. Start off with a small amount (about a third of can) and wait to see how you feel. This is not medical advice. Speak with your doctor if you have questions or concerns before using.

Nutrition Facts

16 calories.
Less than 1g of sugar (0.6g) per can.

Mezzrole nutrition facts


Carbonated water, Pickett’s™ ginger syrup, French lime puree, rice vinegar, cannabis THC emulsion.

Flavor Notes

Robust and tangy with bursts of piquant ginger root syrup, gently giving way to palate soothing rice vinegar notes and minced French lime puree.

At first sips, Klaus “Mezzrole” fills the nose and the mouth with the bold aromatics of cannabis-forward terpenes. Dollops of zesty and zippy on the tongue, caramelized, spicy ginger cane syrup comes into view, each sniff framed by the exotic French lime puree. Rice vinegar carries each sip into a multi-minute finish, ebullient with bursts of heady salt spray splashing over crushed minerals.


Appearance: Lightly green in color from the puree of French limes, clear at the edges leading to dollops of the ginger syrup.

Nose: Elaborate and indulgent nose of rich lime curd, juicy lime zest, bursts of sea salt-soaked foam, and swirls of the cannabis-forward terpenes that ooze mystical notes of redwood forest floor and morning fog dew drops.

Palate: Zippy textures abound with luxurious dabs of perfumed cane sugar syrup woven around spicy tropical ginger root cream spooned over sun brewed limeade. English summer ale at the top of the tongue gives rise to mid-range notes of ginger root elixir melting into terpene-driven droplets of the cannabis strain herself. Hippie Crasher.

Finish: Slightly toasty from the caramelized ginger root syrup, the tangy finish oozes over the taste buds with a gingery and a cannabis woven twist.

Hints of sea smoke, crushed salt-slicked rocks, and droplets of rice vinegar rounds out the humorous finish.

The Stone: Happiness abounds, leading into a talkative nature and then relaxation and confidence ensue. The overall experience lasts over two hours with a gentle come-down and deep rest at the end of the night.

With two or more cubes of ice

Softer still against the palate than without, velvety with notes of sweet cream butter melted over wood-charred summer corn on the cob.

Klaus cannabis-infused beverages
Klaus cannabis-infused beverages